Bild von Gregorius Mättig mit Epitaph Dr. Mättigs im St. Petri-Dom Bautzen
A word of welcome from: Ch. Schramm | R. Pappai | Board & Executive Committee of the Sparkassen-Foundation for the District of Bautzen

A word of welcome

Reinhard Pappai, DeanI am filled with joy in the knowledge that a Foundation will see the light of day which will carry the name of one of the most outstanding and important figures in Bautzen's 1,000 year history.

Dr Gregorius Mättig's last will had decreed that his legacy was meant for the common good, as a „perpetual commemoration of my name“. That people want to establish a name for themselves is a fact well known from the beginning of humanity. Yet goals are manifold and different. In the Bible, we read the story of people who wanted to make a lasting name for themselves by erecting a tower which would reach into Heaven. Gregor Mättig did not build such towers reaching into heaven, neither for himself, nor for others. Rather, he used his resources to foster and further life in his hometown and in the surrounding region, during his lifetime as well as beyond. He wanted to establish a name for himself as someone who helped people and projects that are dependent on others. If such aims are encouraged by means of a new Foundation, it will contribute to the conservation of his name.

The evangelical congregation of St Peter in Bautzen is strongly connected with this benefactor, until the present day. Each Sunday, we celebrate a service in St. Peter's Cathedral, for which he had a particular fondness. His epitaph, which is fashioned in the same vein as the main altar, erected only six years before his death, reminds us that he found his last resting place inside the church. Two chandeliers, donated by him, provide light for the assembled congregation. He had a strong tie with the congregation and a warm affection for the Protestant faith, which he protected as one of three “defensor fidei“ during the very difficult times of the 30 year war which raged through Bautzen.

Gregor Mättig also cared deeply for children and young folk. Neither of his marriages produced any offspring. However, he was godfather to 107 (!) children and helped all of them in their lives. Many of his foundations assisted scholars and students. Now that these ideals are being resurrected through a new foundation, perhaps it is useful to be reminded that Gregor Mättig's philosophy, ideals and values grew out of his faith.

I extend God's blessing to this Foundation and wish it good luck in succeeding to hold up the name of Gregor Mättig as an example of selfless and individual charity.

Reinhard Pappai, Dean.