Bild von Gregorius Mättig mit Epitaph Dr. Mättigs im St. Petri-Dom Bautzen
A word of welcome from: Ch. Schramm | R. Pappai | Board & Executive Committee of the Sparkassen-Foundation for the District of Bautzen

A word of welcome

Dear readers,

After a long hibernation, the Dr. Gregorius Mättig Foundation is now ready to be awakened, prompted by the personal initiatives of Dr. Gregorius Mättig's descendants. Their aim is to carry on his legacy, which means to provide assistance where it is most needed. In the first instance, it is aimed at younger people who do not have sufficient means to provide a secure future. This is an area where help and assistance are particularly needed.

The endeavour to revitalize and carry on Dr. Gregorius Mättig's legacy (assistance to the needy such as children, women and elderly people) meets with our highest recognition and approval. Values which were important and proper in the past are still valid today and even more relevant: aiding, assisting and supporting the socially weak and disadvantaged. Many parallels can be drawn between the commitment and the aims of the Sparkassen-Foundation for the District of Bautzen. This is exactly what moved us to originally offer our support to the Dr. Gregorius Mättig Foundation-to-be and to act as trustee for the Foundation.

The name "Mättig" has never been quite forgotten in Bautzen; there are a street and a school bearing his name, which remind us of the actions of this important man.

All over Germany, several new foundations sprout up regularly and gain importance within the social, spiritual and intellectual development of our country. It is therefore fair to say that such foundations have become indispensable in mastering the actual and future challenges that face our society and to strive after the common good.

There are many similarities between public banks with their business decisions and strategic policies and the concerns of non-profit foundations. With this in mind, the district-Sparkasse Bautzen established the „Sparkasse-Foundation for the District of Bautzen“ in 2005. With the establishment of this Foundation, the district Sparkasse bank wanted to clearly signal that they have a strong affinity with, and a clear commitment to, the District of Bautzen. Already, two years after its creation, the Foundation offers to act as a trustee for the newly established Dr. Gregorius Mättig Foundation and therefore lends its support to their aims.

The Sparkassen-Foundation for the District of Bautzen wishes the Dr. Gregorius Mättig Foundation all the best of luck in the realization of the Foundation's purposes, in particular as regards to the acquisition of potential new donors, the enhancement of Bautzen's spiritual and cultural life, as well as providing support for young people.

The Board and Executive Committee of the Sparkassen-Foundation for the District of Bauzen.