Bild von Gregorius Mättig mit Epitaph Dr. Mättigs im St. Petri-Dom Bautzen

Foundation aims

The humanity of a 17th Century burgher from Bautzen and his Christian vision based on altruism, has provided a better start for generations of young people as regards to their future professional careers and has preserved, indeed, conveyed important historical values to the citizens of Bautzen and the entire region.

Civic responsibility, social and cultural commitment were cultivated and have enriched Bautzen's life and its region considerably. These accomplishments are not only to be considered as a part of history, but should be kept alive and transmitted, for Dr. Gregorius Mättig's deeds have not lost any of their actual message.

The basis for a region's or a city's future is its youth. In particular, targeted fostering of talents is necessary as public support of the younger generation is lacking.

An essential condition for the vigorous development of young people is the presence of a spiritual and cultural environment in a given region. This "capital" has to be continuously preserved and enriched.

The future grows out of the past. The preservation of a transmitted historical legacy, its development and its study, form a strong pillar for offering a vision and an orientation for our local community.

The Christian gospel and the values it represents form the cornerstone for the development of our civilisation. Social commitment based on Christian values is essential to a well-functioning community.

Out of these convictions grows the intention to nurture the aims of Dr. Gregorius Mättig by reviving and renewing the diverse Mättig foundations. With the establishment of a Foundation, a link is created with an important civil tradition of the city of Bautzen.

This Foundation was festively put into effect on 25th September 2007, on Dr. Gregorius Mättig's 422nd anniversary. In the spirit of Dr. Gregorius Mättig, once every two years

a Dr. Gregorius Mättig grant will be donated

  • To foster talents of young people from Bautzen and its region;
  • To preserve, to develop and to study the cultural and historical legacy of Bautzen, particularly the legacy of Dr. Gregorius Mättig.
This grant will enable, indeed, make it easier for talented young people to find appropriate training or jobs. It will also serve to strengthen the bond between Bautzen and the region of Upper Lusatia

The Foundation intends, moreover, to organise events which foster spiritual and cultural life in Bautzen, as well as development of social and civil commitment. In the region around Bautzen, the Foundation wants to promote cultural exchanges and instigate a dialogue with their neighbours in the Czech Republic and in Poland.

Please help us to support this cause!

All ideas, whether they are material or non-material, are welcome!

The initiative is supported by
Mrs Gisela Lissack, Bautzen
Ms Jutta Zoff, Dresden
Mrs Gudrun Ellen Herbert de Souza, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Rainier Herbert de Souza, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mr Peter Lissack, Antwerp, Belgium
Dr. Uwe Koch, Potsdam

At the beginning of September 2006, the Mayor of Bautzen, Mr Christian Schramm, received Mrs. Gudrun Ellen and Mr. Rainier Herbert de Souza, Mr Peter Lissack and Dr. Uwe Koch at the town hall in Bautzen.